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Children's Hypnotherapy

Children's Hypnotherapy BristolOne of the great things about Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy is that it provides a very effective and safe way of dealing with a wide range of children's behaviours and concerns:

With their limited experience of life and more emotional nature, children can be easily overwhelmed by everyday events and challenges. Often behaviour is a sign of them struggling to cope or trying to manage better. For parents, it can be difficult to know how best to help, but fortunately with hypnotherapy, we can resolve these issues easily and naturally and help your child return to their normal happy self.

My 9 year old son attended weekly sessions to improve his confidence in a variety of areas. He exceeded our expectations and even had comments from his teachers in terms of his confidence in the classroom and lack of anxiety with things he would have once worried about! My son has flourished and has become a more self assured young man thanks to Sheila. KR

How does hypnotherapy work with children?

We work in a way that is fun and easy for children and teenagers to engage with. By encouraging their skills and strengths they soon feel more confident in themselves and in their ability to seek solutions. With their imaginative minds and sense of what works well for them, they can be very successful in finding ways forward in making their lives better.

Children are very receptive to suggestion so they respond easily to hypnosis. Older children and teenagers are usually happy to relax on the couch and listen to the visualisations, stories and suggestions, whereas younger children enjoy an imaginative game or a story. Either way allows your child to absorb the new ideas that can lead to positive changes in their thinking or behaviour.

Within a few sessions children can soon be feeling confident and happy again.

What else do I need to know?

Hypnotherapy is a natural and safe way to help your child

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