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Energy Healing

Get help with your phobiasWhen you need to wind down from the stresses of everyday living and restore your sense of well-being, the ancient art of energy healing offers a very natural way for the body to rest and heal itself.

Body, mind, emotions and spirit can all benefit.

How does it work?

Healing plays a natural part in our everyday lives with the body continually regenerating itself. From a scratch on the skin to a more serious injury, the body is primed to repair damage so it can continue to function well.

For healers and traditional healing practices around the world, the human body is more than just physical matter. It consists of energy and, for good health, there needs to be a good flow of energy around the body. If the flow of energy is disrupted, perhaps through trauma or disturbances over time, then illness can develop.

In the healing process, healers work with the life force energy, drawing it into their bodies and out through their hands. When you receive healing, this extra energy is taken in and used to restore the normal flow of energy in your body. The new energy goes to all the tissues helping them to regenerate in a more healthy way.

No belief is needed for healing to work, only a desire to feel better.

Healing from Sheila always leaves me both relaxed and refreshed. It feels similar to the benefits of meditation and the sense of well-being remains long after; it's like a tonic for the mind and body combined. Sheila is very intuitive and has helped me come to a place of clarity when I've been in a state of confusion. She is a very warm and welcoming person and is very gentle and calm in the way she works. FG

What happens in a healing session?

For healing you remain fully clothed and sit in a chair or lie on a couch whilst energy is channelled to you by the healer gently placing their hands on or just off your body. It is normal to find your mind and body becoming pleasantly relaxed and you might even notice a sensation of mild heat, cold or tingling. Afterwards you may feel like you have had a good rest or a refreshing sleep.

How will I benefit?

After the healing, the body settles into a way that utilises the energy in a beneficial way. It starts to recover from stress and tension, so you feel more relaxed and energised. Because you are less tense, you take in more air so oxygen flows better around the body. The body will also repair and renew itself more efficiently.

You may feel energised afterwards or you may feel like you need to rest, but, whatever way, it will soon leave you feeling more complete, more like yourself when you are having a good day.

There are many more ways in which the body will behave after the effects of healing.

How often do I need to come?

People tend to respond in their own way to the effects of healing and at their own pace. Generally speaking, recent or acute conditions are helped with one or two sessions, whilst conditions that have been around for a lengthy time tend to need a longer period of treatment.
We suggest regular weekly or fortnightly sessions to start. Once you are feeling better, a regular monthly treatment will maintain a good energy flow, helping to prevent illness and keep you healthy.

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