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Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy

Initial Consultation - 45 minutes - £25

This is an opportunity for you to:

The initial consultation is to help you decide for yourself whether you would like to get started with hypnotherapy sessions. By attending this consultation you are not obliged to book further appointments.

To book your initial consultation - call 07731 697 938

Subsequent Sessions - 50-60 minutes - £65

Smoking Cessation - 90 minutes to 2 hours - £150

  • When you book your smoking cessation appointment you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of £75 by bank transfer. You pay the remaining fee at the end of your session.

  • Energy Healing - one hour - £45


    Includes a consultation and treatment.


    Except for the smoking cessation session, all other fees are payable at the end of each session. Please note that as I am unable to take card payments cash payments are preferred.

    Cancellation of Appointments or Change of Booking

    Call 07731 697 938