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Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing in a professional environment.

Welcome to the Calm Water Practice in Bristol and our natural approach to health, happiness and personal growth. There are many paths to take you where you want to go. We offer two ways, hypnotherapy for tackling problems and fulfilling more of your potential and healing for encouraging vitality and well-being.

Whichever therapy you choose, you can benefit in many more ways than you might expect for hypnotherapy and healing work on your mind, body and emotions, bringing them together in harmony, restoring your sense of well-being and putting you in a better place to manage your life.
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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused HypnotherapyIs anxiety, depression, fear, a sleep problem or some other issue making your life difficult? Do you want to feel happier, positive, enjoying your life more? With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy many problems can be turned around quickly and effectively. To see how our hypnotherapy and hypnosis sessions in Bristol can help you.

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Hypnotherapy for Children

Children's HypnotherapyFor sleep difficulties, bed wetting, nightmares, fears, confidence issues, unwanted habits, bullying, stuttering and other problem behaviours, hypnotherapy helps children and teenagers to cope better with their lives. We make it easy and fun for them to engage with and with their natural responsiveness they can soon move forward and be happy again.
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Stop Smoking

Stop SmokingAre you struggling to stop smoking? Our stop smoking hypnotherapy here in Bristol makes the journey easier. With just one session, you can be free of the habit and enjoying better health and finances.
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Energy Healing

Energy HealingWhen you need to wind down from the stresses of everyday living or to restore your well-being, this ancient therapy offers a gentle way for the body to rest and heal itself. Healing not only relaxes, it also stimulates the flow of energy around the body, encouraging good health and a calm, positive mind.
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