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Get help with your phobiasIs a phobia interfering with your enjoyment of life? A fear of spiders, confined spaces, flying, driving, heights, darkness, school, sickness, needles, snakes, fish, animals or pain perhaps?

If so, you will be relieved to know that phobias can be dealt with quickly and easily. Avoiding certain situations and missing out on social activities can soon be a thing of the past.

At the Calm Water Practice we use simple yet effective techniques to help you overcome your phobia and put you back in control. In just a few relaxing sessions, we help you to dissolve the fearful belief and replace it with a more positive one. We explain about the brain so you understand how this works, as well as how to reduce stress and feel more peaceful and positive. With your phobia behind you and your confidence restored, you can soon enjoy participating more fully in life again.

Sheila carried out three sessions of hypnotherapy with me after I had had motorway phobia for more than six years. I had tried several ways to recover from this phobia, including motorway driving lessons, hypnosis, group therapy and another hypnotherapist and was skeptical that she would be able to help. After two sessions I felt confident enough to go to Newport from Bristol and after three sessions to overtake some lorries. Although I will never be fast, she has helped me enough never to shake whilst driving in the inside lane, something I did all the time. Her voice is soothing and her therapy has helped me when I was giving up hope. TF

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