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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking with HypnotherapyStopping smoking is a great step forward for you and those around you. From the moment you stop smoking your body starts to recover and your health and mood improve. Your family's health is less at risk, your work benefits and you have more money to spend on the things you enjoy.

Smoking, like many habits, is largely driven by the sub-conscious, which explains why stopping can be hard when using willpower alone. Hypnotherapy makes the journey easier for it brings the sub-conscious on board with your intent to stop smoking.

Smoking cessation is a one-off session of one and a half to two hours. We discuss your reasons for stopping, your concerns and your smoking lifestyle. We revise the risks from smoking and the benefits of stopping so that you are fully informed and better placed for success. With hypnosis you are given beneficial suggestions - new ideas to help you carry forward your intention to stop smoking successfully.

A study of 72,000 people carried out at Iowa University by Viswesvaran and Schmidt 1992 and featured in New Scientist magazine, looked at the many ways of stopping smoking. The conclusion was that hypnotherapy was by far the most effective method.

My stop smoking session was straightforward and relaxed, with no hard sell or horror stories. The simple fact-based discussion made a lot of sense, and the hypnotherapy was a little like having a story read to me. In the five weeks since then I've hardly given smoking a second thought, and the treatment has more than paid for itself already. SJ

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