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Weight Management

Stop Smoking with HypnotherapyMaintaining a healthy weight can be an up and down business. One minute your incentive to eat healthily and exercise regularly is great and the next something comes along and it goes out the window. With the downward spiral of feelings that can follow, it can take a while before you get your eating back in control. With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we offer you a way that helps you feel happier and manage better, so that achieving your aim of a healthy weight becomes more attainable.

How can hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy helps you to regain control by encouraging you to think positively and make steps towards creating what you want for yourself. We work with you to build your confidence so you feel stronger and more secure in your own ability to recognise what works well for you. In this way, you become better at making choices that benefit your well-being like doing activities you enjoy, eating well and exercising regularly. By encouraging you to focus more on doing the things that make you happy and less on your weight and food, you start to bring more enjoyment into your life and begin to manage better. As your enjoyment of life increases, so the flow of happy chemicals in your brain is greater, reinforcing your motivation to do more beneficial things and making it easier to maintain healthy eating habits and succeed in your aims.

How will I benefit?

Hypnosis offers your subconscious positive suggestions to help you with your goal of achieving a better weight. It promotes relaxation, calming the mind, body and emotions and relieving stress, so you become more positive in your thinking and less occupied by unhelpful thoughts. As you feel happier, more relaxed in yourself your hormones return to healthier levels so you not only feel good, but are less prone to eating the wrong foods, comfort eating or other behaviour that is not beneficial to you. You become more in tune with yourself, more aware of your body's own natural signs of hunger and fullness and the foods it needs. Hypnotherapy works with you at your own pace, helping you come to a happier, more balanced place within yourself where weight management can happen naturally.

Let us help you enjoy life and manage your weight better with hypnotherapy.

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