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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

What is Solution Focused HypnotherapyYour potential to feel happier and achieve what you want for yourself is huge, thanks to the power of your mind and imagination. When you are struggling with a problem and looking to make changes that will enhance your life, tapping into this ability with the support of hypnotherapy can be very beneficial.

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy is a relatively recent step forward in the field of psychology and personal development. The techniques we use are ones that scientific research has found to be highly effective in helping people overcome problems quickly and create positive change.

It can bring relief to a variety of problems in just a few months:

I definitely recommend Sheila. Her ability to be supportive and help you understand the processes you are undergoing is immense. Sheila always has an incredibly relaxed, calm atmosphere around her, which is so encouraging, whilst still maintaining the structured authority required. Explanations are clear and concise at every stage furthering your own knowledge. The hypnotherapy sessions are incredibly relaxing allowing the space needed for the mind to heal. Thank you for the time you gave me. H MB

How can it help me?

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy offers a new way of looking at things. As its name suggests, it focusses on solutions rather than on problems, on going forwards rather than looking backwards. It doesn't mask the reality of the difficulty you are experiencing, but simply invites you to view things with a different perspective, to bring forward your ideas and solutions to create a life that you are wanting to live and enjoy.

When you come for treatment, you learn how your brain works and creates your present way of thinking. You also come to understand how to be more positive and calm. In each session, we encourage you to focus on what works well for you and to recognise your strengths. Hypnosis offers suggestions and encourages the mind to seek solutions, so changing your thinking to achieve your goals can be relatively easy, especially when you are willing to change.

When you are committed to the process, you can soon feel differently about how you view your life and how to do things in a way that brings you greater pleasure. Once you are on your new path it is easier to see the way ahead. New ideas present themselves and you start to go forward in a way that will help you achieve what you are hoping for now.

Initial Consultation: Moving forward may seem daunting so to help you take that first step, we invite you to phone or email us for a brief confidential chat or to book an initial consultation. In the consultation we talk about what you want for yourself, discuss any concerns you may have and explain how hypnotherapy treatment can help you make the changes necessary towards realising your goals.

The Health Education Authority says:
"Research shows that there is more evidence for Hypnotherapy than any other Complementary Therapy..., by using hypnosis people can perform prodigious feats of will power and self-healing".

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